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Robomigo smart auotomation systems

Robomigo is a smart system for managing automation tools.

Known as KNX devices these smart automation tools help you run your home, building, office, hotel, yacht, greenhouse, and more without you having to be on site. You manage the system with custom scenarios that you define.


·        Has apractical, easy-to-use interface
·        Can be managed from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
·        Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS or Android OS devices.

With Robomigo, you can manage your KNX accessories more easily.

·        Robomigo is user friendly and practical.
·        Robomigo is compatible with any device from any brand, and any operating system.
·        Robomigo is friendly on the wallet.

·        Robomingo employs high-level encryption technology. Only you have the custom digital keyto unlock it!
·        A 256-bit SSL certificate protects all access between your smart automation tool, the cloud network, and control devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, android phone,tablet).


You can use Robomigo everywhere and on anything with anelectric connection!


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Enjoy Robomigo at home!

Automate your smart lights, visual systems, audio systems, smart curtains, smart security network, or any KNX-compatible home accessories.

Enjoy the experience - enjoy your life!
Have more time for yourself and your family!
Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Enjoy a more comfortable life!


Introduce your office to the comfortof Robomigo!

Robomigo offers smart office automation for all types of work spaces.

Enjoy a comfortable workplace thanks to the automation system that saves energy and money!

Boats & Yachts

Enjoy Robomigo on your boat!

Robomigo automates your boat’s fuel control, generator, alarm, and other systems before you even board. All you have to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy the open sea.


Your rental homes are now underRobomigo’s control!

With Robomigo, you don’t have to worry about your rental home. With Robomigo, keep your rental properties in your control. Were a flood to occur, you can immediately take action remotely
With Robomigo, you can turn off your accessories, reset and review your counters at anytime, anywhere!


Make your buildings smarter with Robomigo!

With Robomigo, automate your building’s lighting, heating, cooling, and security systems.

Thanks to the cost advantage it offers, Robomigo got the investment budget required for the new buildings closer to the standard building budgets. With Robomigo, you can have a smart building without having to fork out a ton money!

Industrial Sites

Make your industrial sites smarter with Robomigo!

In case of an emergency, Robomigo’s push notifications let you take immediate action and save your property before you lose it.

Save money and save energy at the same time.


Have your hotel guests enjoy the comfort of Robomigo!

Robomigo’s automated smart lighting, audio, and curtain systems will level up your guests’ next stay.

Have your guests enjoy the comfort of smart automation systems and an eco-friendly hotel.