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What is Robomigo?

Robomigo is a smart knx server device for managing automation tools.

Known as KNX devices these smart automation tools help you run your home, building, office, hotel, yacht, greenhouse, and more without you having to be on site. And assists you automatically manage the system with scenarios that you define.

You may use Robomigo wherever electricity/energy is available!

Robomigo lets you:

·     Remotely control and command your smart devices,

·     Automate your house, building, or boat to respond to the weather,

·     Configure your accessories to work when sensors detect someone in the room.

What is Robomigo?

With Robomigo, you can:

·     Heat your oven as you head home from work,

·     Turn your robo-vacuum on before that unexpected guest of yours arrives,

·     Close your shutters/blinders as soon as the weather turns windy,

·     Heat your bathroom the moment someone enters,

·     And more!

Robomigo manages all of your automation devices quickly and easily.

Live more comfortably. Spend your precious time on other things!