Use it where you live - Smart homes with Robomigo

Your dearest assistant.

Robomigo offers smart automation solutions where you happen to live—house, villa, yacht, caravan, tiny house, trailer or otherwise.

Take your lifestyle to the next level.

Automate your smart lights, visual systems, audio systems, smart curtains, smart security network, or any KNX-compatible home devices.

Enjoy the experience - enjoy your life!

Have more time for yourself and for your family!

Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Enjoy a more comfortable life!

Keep your rental homes under control with Robomigo!

With Robomigo, you don’thave worry about your rental home.

Even you rent your houses daily, weekly or monthly with Robomigo, you keep your rental properties under control. Were a flood to occur, you can immediately take action remotely.

In addition, for yourAirbnb and/or classical home rentals, you can turn off the devices at the end of the term, reset the counters and review the values ​​at any time.

Robomigo for living spaces!

·    Easy to install.

·    No cables! - Uses Wi-Fi.

·    Makes life easier..

·    Easy on the pocketbook - no extra equipment required, no extra fees for cables or remote controls!

·    Compatible with all smart devices - using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android OS, or otherwise.

·    User friendly. Super easy to learn and manage.

·    Secure - works on a cloud network!

·    Retrospective—use the “reports” feature to review your data.

·    Start using Robomigo today!

Use it where you live - Smart homes with Robomigo